Healing From Trauma and Abuse

A couple things have helped me through the past years, which include really good coffee, dark chocolate and another being yoga.

I’ve found that yoga is a practice that allows us to deepen our understanding of who we are in relationship to our bodies.  Often past life experiences fracture our connection to our body and yoga is a tool that helps us regain that link.

Practicing yoga is a monumental orchestrator of healing.

Many survivors of trauma and abuse struggle with their relationship to their bodies, because for so long they had little control over the harm being done to them. Trauma disturbs our cadence and rhythm of being. It inflames our core as beings and distorts the goodness found in rejoicing within our bodies. When we are abused, we often are no longer able to regulate ourselves. Our experience is not ours, we are taken hostage by the abuser and forced to perform at their will. Often survivors dissociate due to the experience of abuse or trauma. It only takes one instance to damage one’s soul for a lifetime.

I started Hope Bound Collective in hopes to work one on one with trauma survivors.  Studies suggest that trauma attuned yoga improves student’s reorientation to their bodies, which is an answer for trauma survivors healing and empowerment.

Complex trauma is a phenomenon of having one’s experience held hostage to the whims of an external force, namely, another person. Power is largely externalized in the form of that other person. Healing trauma involves reclaiming the locus of control and, therefore, the validity of one’s own felt experience.” -David Emerson, Author of Trauma-Sensitive Yoga in Therapy

At Hope Bound Collective, our theory of yoga and counseling is understood through the lens of trauma theory, attachment, and knowledge of neuroscience. Studies suggest that trauma-informed yoga combined with psychotherapy can improve person’s reorientation to their bodies, which can aid in trauma survivors healing and empowerment.

How Do I Start Hope Bound Collective?

I provide a one hour free of charge consultation for first time students. For information about personal yoga sessions contact me directly anna@sheisannasmith.com.

Research/Education about trauma informed yoga:

Benefits of trauma informed yoga:

  • increase body awareness and overall visceral feeling
  • tools for breath regulation, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system
  • safe and calm mind/body engagement
  • grounding technics to cope with anxiety and dissociation
  • increased mindfulness and befriending of the body
  • empowerment of personal body autonomy
  • education and understanding of mind-body connection
  • experience in the practice of personal introspection






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