Restore One

1003496_547938375254639_2020751252_nSometimes in life you learn of something that disrupts you to the core, I did and together  with my husband Chris I decided to do something about it. In 2012, I moved back to the least likely place on earth, Eastern North Carolina and there in a small duplex we co-founded Restore One.

Restore One is a special nonprofit ministry that directly addresses the sexual trafficking of men and boys in United States. Why boys and men? Well it’s clearcut and simple, of the amount of sexual trafficking in United States, nearly half are males but sadly there are little services for survivors and little education information to change the culture. Along the journey, with the help of our friend Kartal, we’ve produced a documentary film, BOYS and after its film festival tour, it will be used for that purpose.

Regardless of gender, recovery for survivors is not an easy road but with scarcity of sources, men and boys have little options for support. Actually according to several studies there are zero safe homes in United States for boys who’ve exited the life of sexual trafficking. At Restore One, we’ve spent our entire existence seeking to change that statistic. Our safe home, The Anchor House is the heartbeat of my day to day calling. I am passionate about restoration for boys. I am zealous to see The Anchor House come to life, extending the invitation of hope to many precious boys. I believe God gives us big hearts and impossible dreams, The Anchor House is mine.


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