Anna’s Audience

Drawing from my personal story of recovery and professional experiences as a social worker, as Co-Founder of Restore One and a trauma informed yoga teacher, I speak, train and consult. My offerings can vary according to the needs of the host. Here are a few of my specialities:

Speaking Offerings: Keynote/Preliminary Speaker

  • the Christian faith’s role in healing
  • taking risk steps of faith
  • hope and healing for survivors of sex trafficking
  • the Gospel and our call to seek justice

I would love to speak at your next fundraiser or event.  My passion is to impart an inspiring message of hope to your audience. Often I draw from my own personal story of redemption, journey as Co-Founder Restore One, life lessons, stories of healing and my tenacity for freedom. My dynamic message can be tailored to fit the theme and desire of your special event. Chris and I also can share this role together, we’re a compelling and endearing duo! 

Training Offerings: Conferences/Agencies/Churches/Yoga Studios 

  • gateways to working with male survivors of sexual trafficking
  • undoing the socialization of male sexual trauma
  • walking alongside survivors of sexual trafficking in their recovery
  • the nuances of sexual trafficking; undoing dynamics of trauma bounding

Over the past five years I, alongside Chris, have pioneered in advocacy, awareness and program development solely for male survivors of sex trafficking. Co-producing BOYS Documentary and jump starting The Anchor House, I’ve cultivated a unique perspective on the subtleties of male sex trafficking. Through my work, I’ve seen that all across the nation the majority of care providers are clouded by stigmas and misconceptions, resulting in a lack of proper services for male survivors. This reality is startling, yet I believe that with proper education more boys and men can be identified and find the restoration they need. 

In trainings I draw from my personal story of sex trafficking recovery and professional experiences to train professionals working in the field of anti-sex trafficking.  I offer a new perspective on trauma care, gateways to working with survivors and information on mind body and soul connection. Chris joins me in co-teaching depending on the needs of the audience and requested topic.

  • healing sexual trauma through yoga
  • risky faith and nonprofit start up
  • incorporating a holistic approach to trauma care
  • trauma and the body

Many survivors of trauma and abuse struggle with their relationship to their bodies, because for so long they had little control over the harm being done to them. When we are abused, sexually abused, trafficked or violated in any fashion we often are no longer able to regulate emotions, bodily sensations or our rhythm of relationships with others.  Loosing touch with our inner cadence can result in dislocation from our bodies and mind. Often survivors dissociate due to the experience of abuse or trauma.

I’ve found personally and professionally that body based approaches to healing such as trauma informed yoga are a catalyst for healing. Through my experiences with Hope Bound Yoga I bring a dynamic training for professionals, therapists, yoga teachers or anyone interested in developing their knowledge.

Consulting Offerings: Agencies/Entrepreneurs/Yoga Teachers/Ministry Leaders

Along our journey it’s helpful to glean wisdom from those who’ve walked the road we are traveling down. Consulting is a joint effort between myself and you. Whether you are looking to start your own nonprofit ministry or a yoga teacher desiring to develop a trauma informed teaching approach, I’d be happy to help you work towards your goals.

Groups that I frequently work with are:

  • Faith Based Ministry Groups
  • Service Care Providers (Social Workers, Therapists, Yoga Teachers .. ect)
  • Community Leaders
  • Nonprofit Agencies
  • Yoga Studios


Reviews from previous audiences:

“Anna conducted an excellent and effective workshop along with another survivor in April 2016 at Shared Hope’s JuST Faith Summit.  In the presentation, “Casting Stones”, Anna shared how God met her in her crisis.  Using visual metaphor, she challenged Christian leaders to drop the stones of judgement and walk alongside trafficking survivors.  The presentation received uniformly high ratings and very positive comments.”

—Nancy Winston, Sr. Director  / Shared Hope International

“Anna spoke at our inaugural fundraising gala.  Her heart for the Lord and for His children who are being trafficked can be heard in her every word, and it is clear that God has called both Chris and Anna to be His hands and feet in the fight to save His boys!  She was so great to communicate her passion for our organization, as well, expressing to our guests how important it is for all of us to come together to see this work move forward and be successful.  Anna has such a sweet spirit and so much compassion for our kids.  I’m proud to call her friend.  You MUST have her speak at your next event!”

—Keri Spencer, Executive Director / RISE


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