A Taste of Freedom

A Taste of Freedom

The day I threw my scale away was a conscious choice I made. I’d had enough of allowing its evil to sabotage my heart, body and soul. Was it easy, heck no. Do I still have the temptation to let my weight, food choices and daily exercise habits ruin who God desires me to be, well of course. I’m challenged to share with you this part of my restoration, in hopes that you will feel encouraged to cut out areas that destroy you.

Since I can remember I, like many men and woman, have struggled deeply with body image. Despite my petite frame, styled hair and pretty clothes, just months ago I can remember days of just hating my body over something as meaningless as a number on the scale. This becomes even more ridiculous if I were to tell you my weight. One pound, that was all it could take to throw me off. I’d habitually step on the scale each time I came into my home bathroom just to make sure I did not gain anything throughout the day. The experience left me anxiety ridden, unsure of what to eat or how to handle myself. I’d battle with thoughts, “should I skip a meal, exercise more, or no latte today.” Each time I walked in the bathroom I’d say, “I’m not stepping on the scale,” and within seconds I stepped on to see the digital number that brought death.

Body image, size and numbers on the scale are real issues not just for women, but men too. For some of us, this topic resonates or you may have different struggles. Regardless, loving ourselves is extremely difficult. Making conscious choices to shut down sabotage and stop the cycles that leave us baron is no easy task. However, when we do make the choice to shut out evil, we invite in freedom for ourselves and for others. The more freedom you allow yourself to personally embody grows your capacity to bring freedom to others. One of my favorite phrases is “free people free people,” because it is so true. Just a drop of freedom can cause a ripple, or even a wave and I want to cause waves.

No act of freedom goes unnoticed. God delights in our freedom and His spirit inhabits the spaces where freedom is celebrated and delighted in. In 2 Corinthians 3:17 we read, “Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” I fully believe the Spirit of the Lord was ever present when I threw that scale out of my bathroom and said “no more!” God was jumping up and down with joy the day I chucked that atrocious thing in the trash and said, “No longer will I allow evil to destroy me or kill my joy by the number found on the scale.” Freedom allows us more room to experience God’s love and to know the depths of His goodness for us. Freedom has a high cost, but the benefits are so very sweet.

So I choose life, I choose freedom, and I choose to share this journey. May you be encouraged to get freer, be bolder, to pick life over death and to shut evil down with the marvelous light of Christ within you.

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  1. Isn’t God good. Praise the Lord Anna. You and Chris are truly in God’s grace and we pray for you to continue if your journey of freedom for all. Thanks for being you and for sharing this part of you with us.

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