And Her Heart Grew

And Her Heart Grew

This year I did something that I’ve never done before; I took a pottery class.

As I sat behind the wheel and did what is technically called ‘throwing’ the clay, I learned more than just how to shape bowls and mugs. Over the course of the six-week beginner class, my heart grew and so did my desire for more.

Second week in, I called Chris on my way to class and said “this is stupid, and I do not have the time to take this class blah, blah, blah.” Now finishing week six, I sign up for another class…my heart grew. When I started, my heart could barely handle the joy and creativity that playing with clay gifted me with. It frightened me at first but now it draws me in, and now I have a desire to experience more.

This year, Christmas is a different experience for me. As a kid, the Grinch Christmas Fairy Tale infatuated me. I’d read the books and watch the movie all throughout the Christmas season. The Grinch watched Whoville like a hawk, but dared not go into the town to participate in Christmas. Instead, he carefully and thoughtfully made his plan to steal what he thought was the joy of Christmas. The Grinch could not stand the Christmas spirit that radiated from Whoville. See, the Grinch’s heart was so small that he could not take in any of the delight that the Whos found in Christmas because he was completely bitter. Now we all know what happened, the Grinch stole what he thought was Christmas, but to his surprise the absence of gifts did not dampen the Who’s Christmas spirit.

On Christmas morning, all of Whoville stood together in song to welcome Christmas. The Grinch watched in utter amazement and in a full furry ticked that his plan to steal Christmas failed. However, that day something in his heart changed, his spirit was touched. The Grinch returned all the gifts he stole and joined the Whos in celebrating Christmas. The Grinch experienced just a pinch of the delight that the Whos knew so well. That Christmas the Grinch’s heart grew and so did his desire to experience the joy found on Christmas.

My heart this Christmas has grown and with it grew my desire to experience more of the goodness God has for me. Parallel to the Grinch, my heart was so small it could not accept any gift of joy without scoff or guilt.  Now with a larger heart, I gladly welcome all the gifts God has for me and as I am able to receive, I am also able to give. Whether it’s food to a women who has been a victim of sex trafficking or a tin full of brownies to a sweet friend, I now give and give out of my utter desire for others to experience more.

May your heart be open to the gifts God wishes to give you this Christmas season and with gifts given, may you feel free enough to give to your neighbor also.

But now, O Lord, you are our Father;
we are the clay, and you are our potter;
we are all the work of your hand. – Isaiah 64:8

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